Tagline for Jewish School

Project: Create a marketing tagline for a Jewish day school. The school wanted something that could be used in a sentence. They wanted to show the value of their school, located in an area with many other excellent schools. They were not targeting only the Jewish population, although they wanted to express that their school, in part because of Jewish values and education, would go beyond a traditional education.

“Our kids are prepped for life.”

Breakdown: I started thinking about some words that I associate with the culture of Judaism, beyond the religion, things that relate to all people. “Kosher,” for example, has entered the common lexicon to indicate honesty and integrity. This reminded me of Hebrew National Hot Dogs. Their tagline “we answer to a higher authority,” puts a playful spin on both the government’s food standards and the rules of kashrut, and makes the kosher label meaningful to all hot dog eaters.

So what is a school’s “higher authority?” Of course their are accreditation boards and such, but parents care about things like SAT scores and college prep. The project description mentioned a parent who said they chose the school because they were not just concerned with their child’s decisions at 13, but at 23, 33, and beyond.

The line “prepped for life” plays off the ideas of traditional school prep as well as preparation for life ahead. The words “for life” are reminiscent of l’chaim, “to life,” and speaks to the dual meaning of the words: prepared for the challenges of life and preparation that will last for the rest of the child’s life.

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