Site Designer

Launched in early 2014, Site Designer is a website building tool for Houzz professionals. The tool takes the content from a Houzz professional profile and turns it into a customizable website. Site Designer allows pros to choose their site template, colors and fonts, and to customize the content that is included. This landing page is intended to inform users of the ease and benefits of building their website with Houzz Site Designer.

We created two versions: one for visitors who do not have a professional profile (shown below), and another similar version for visitors who are already Houzz pros but who have not yet set up a website with Site Designer.

In addition to this landing page, I wrote supporting documentation and FAQs, and defined the menu and language within the tool itself. I continue to write sample copy for the website themes and am responsible for naming the themes.



Create a beautiful, free website in minutes

Site designer is a website-building tool for residential building, remodeling and design professionals with a Houzz profile. In less than 15 minutes, you can turn Houzz content into your own customizable website. To begin using Site Designer, sign up now!

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  1. Start with a free Houzz professional profile
  2. Customize your site with themes, colors and fonts
  3. Publish instantly to both desktop and mobile

Learn more about Site Designer

  • How does Site Designer work?

    Houzz takes the information that is already on your professional profile, including project photos, reviews and other content, and automatically creates a website. Customize, click Publish, and you’re done! In less than 15 minutes, you can have a new, search-engine-friendly website that is optimized for desktop and mobile!
  • Do I have to be a home professional to create a website?

    Yes. Only Houzz users with professional profiles can create websites with Site Designer. If you are a remodeling professional but haven’t created a professional profile yet, sign up for Houzz.

  • How do I create my website?

    Creating a website using Houzz Site Designer is quick and easy. Go to the Houzz Site Designer page and pick out a theme. Houzz will automatically use the information from your Houzz profile to fill in the theme and create a website.You can then see a preview of your site. Click any of the editable areas to make changes, or use the menu to adjust colors and fonts or change the order of pages.

    When you are happy with your site, click Publish, and you’re done!

  • Can I use my own website URL?

    Yes! Site Designer allows you to publish your website to a web address you already own. Follow the instructions for choosing your URL when you publish your site.
  • Can I customize my site?

    Yes! Houzz Site Designer provides several methods for customizing your site. After you’ve selected your theme, click the areas on the page you’d like to edit. A menu also provides several advanced options for customization, including selecting fonts and colors.